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Georgia Personal Injury Cases: Things You Should Know

Time Is Ticking to File Your Personal Injury Claim.

The legal deadline to file a claim for injuries against a county or city of Georgia expires after six (6) months from the date of your injury. To file an injury-related lawsuit against the State of Georgia itself, the legal deadline extends to two (2) years from the date of your injury.

As a Dog Owner, You Are 100% Liable.

If you are a dog owner in the State of Georgia, you should know that Georgia does NOT give protection under the law to dog owners, even if you never considered your pet as dangerous. In Georgia the pet owner is responsible for their pet’s behavior and therefore responsible for any resulting injuries or damages caused by their animal.

Car Accident Injuries Have Multiple Resolutions.

Car accident injuries in the State of Georgia have available different recourses in which to seek financial compensation for their any injuries/damages. One option is to file a claim directly with the individual's own insurance provider. Another option is to file a claim with the other person’s insurance company. A third option is to file a lawsuit in court.

Comparative Fault Rule.

In personal injury lawsuits, in cooperation with contributory negligence laws, you generally recover monetary compensation for your injuries, but the State of Georgia has a modified comparative fault rule. This means if you had any part in contributing to your injury, that may impact or reduce the amount of damages awarded to you.

No Cap for Damages.

The state of Georgia does not cap damages rewarded for personal-injury claims, including for medical malpractice suits.

General Damages vs. Special Damages.

General damages are not easily assigned a specific dollar value. The loss of a family member or the trauma of losing a leg are examples of general damages. Pain and suffering falls into the category of general damages. Special damages are those that can be identified as a specified amount. Loss of income due to time off and medical bills are examples of special damages.

Personal Injury Case Types

Personal injury cases include medical malpractice, traffic accidents, wrongful death, slips and falls, products liability, dangerous drugs, and defamation: libel or slander.

Personal Injury Awards Are Not Subject to Equitable Division

When getting a divorce, one spouse does NOT have to share any of the proceeds from a personal injury award.

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