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What Will My Probate Attorney Need?

1. Original Will/ Trust - This is probably one of the most important documents to bring to the probate attorney.

2. Death Certificate - It will take about 2 - 4 weeks to obtain a death certificate. You don't need one to get the ball rolling with a probate attorney, but you will need it to progress with paperwork with the Court.

3. Banking Information - Bring a copy of each statement of the most recent statements of the deceased. This includes checking, savings, IRA, CD, and credit union accounts.

4. Retirement Statement - Most retirement benefits end upon the death but this not always the case. It is important to bring any retirement information with you to the probate attorney so they can see if any benefits remain or will continue to the beneficiaries.

5. Address Book/ Relative Contact Information - It could be required to provide notice to relatives (even if they are not named or listed in the will or trust). The court requires they receive notice at the last known address. This is usually the most difficult information to obtain to provide to the probate attorney, but nonetheless, its a constitutional requirement.

6. List of Assets - The probate attorney will have to inform the court of what assets were owned by the deceased. Any information you can find regarding the assets will be helpful to the attorney. This may include deeds, property information, financial planner contact information, and other documents.

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